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Voices of our Youth

#ShareSomeGood #creatorsforchange – The Raqīb Taskforce is an organisation committed to creating a #positive #counternarrative within Australian society. Our community engagement representatives are right models who are able to connect with the young people in a relatable way, and articulately dispel the myths that form part of the pro-extremist messages in the public domain. Through its people, programs and particularly the right models, Raqīb seeks to build tolerance, respect and a resilient community. We know that division in communities not diversity creates hatred and hatred promotes extremism of all sorts.



Share Some Good

With YouTube, Google Australia, Vice Productions, Love Frankie, and the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS), Raqīb Taskforce participated in Share Some Good Content Challenge. In this challenge Australia’s brightest young creators have been encouraged to develop diverse stories and imaginative responses to themes surrounding extremism, hate speech, intolerance, racism and LGBT rights.



Raqīb X-Stream Podcasts

Raqīb podcast hosts are Matuse Peace and Abubakr Mahmoud. The X-Stream podcasts brings topics of interest and current affairs focusing on young Australians. We are connecting with communities by having an open discussion of inclusion, diversity, racism and hate speech.